Arthur Conan Doyle

 Even the most committed Conan Doyle aficionado might concede that there has been a surfeit of Sherlock Holmes in recent years — a 21st-century BBC series, a modernised American series (Elementary), Holmes as 1890s action hero in the Guy Ritchie films, even a new Russian adaptation, which aired last November (to mixed reviews). But the enduring popularity of one eccentric hero of gaslight-era crime fiction has erased others, in particular A.J. Raffles, the original and archetypal gentleman thief created by E.W. Hornung. Hornung was Doyle’s brother-in-law, and he dedicated the first volume of Raffles stories “To A.C.D. This form of flattery”.

Sherlock substitutes the jitters of the internet for the storytelling that made the world fall in love with Holmes