Arab Spring

As the BBC version of The Night Manager shows, the novelist has become his own tribute band

A true revolutionary who showed his moral superiority over Communism by his magnanimity in victory

‘I have always held that everything to do with “interfaith dialogue” should be regarded with intense suspicion’

Three years after revolution first hit the Middle East, it remains unclear whether countries in the region will yet forge pluralistic democracies

Israel’s ‘hawkish’ prime minister is a wise pragmatist with a deft touch amid regional chaos

The Islamist movement is active in Britain. Its moderate face conceals an anti-Western agenda that should worry us

Radical Islam is growing in Muslim countries that openly persecute their religious minorities. The West has so far turned a blind eye

The President’s policy on the Arab Spring echoes Jimmy Carter’s reluctance to use force during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-80

‘The Muslim Brotherhood may make us miss their predecessors. And they may forever disrupt the stability their predecessors guaranteed’

While Islamists have prospered from the Arab Spring, they are not dominant. But vigilance is needed to protect the flame of freedom