The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) is claiming that al-Qaeda does not exist – still – despite the group having declared and waged war against the West for well over a decade now.

‘What’s the point of waging a war thousands of miles away when you cringe before our own Taliban?’

In my first fortnightly column for New York’s Hudson Institute, I describe how the current conflict in Somalia can be framed as a struggle between the two predominant strains of Islamism.  It is also reproduced below, in full.

This week, the focus on Islamic extremism has briefly shifted to Nigeria and a group called Boko Haram. The group have gone on a killing spree in northern Nigeria, leading to the deaths of at least 150 people.

The presidential adviser and author of Terror and Consent, Philip Bobbitt, shares his ideas on the war on terror in a Standpoint dialogue with Conservative politician and author of Celsius 7/7, Michael Gove