2012 Presidential Election

Double Down is a reminder of 2012’s uninspiring list of candidates for the presidency of the United States

To win in 2016, the GOP must resolve the differences between the tea party and country club Republicans, and reach out more successfully to the ethnic vote

‘Obama’s proposed carbon tax will founder, but that won’t be the end of the alarmists’ agenda’

There are vital areas of American public life that received next to no attention on the hustings of either side, for very persuasive — if entirely cynical — reasons

The presidential debates are the Republican’s last chance to seize the initiative from Barack Obama. A strong performance and the race could be back on overnight

‘In the 2012 Obama campaign, the future of American “entitlements”, Medicare and Social Security, is avoided’

‘Paul Ryan will thrash Joe Biden in debate and the Tea Party will enthusiastically endorse their poster boy but Romney’s choice of running mate will attract few new voters’

Obama presents himself as the greatest gift history has ever bestowed on the presidency. He would do well to respect the forefathers who made his presidency possible

‘Nothing could underline Romney’s message on the centrality of the economy to this election better than the appointment of Rob Portman to his ticket’

‘With a $15 trillion national debt continuing to grow, it’s understandable if Obama prefers to shift the focus onto those social and personal areas where he regularly beats Romney’