Supreme Vacancy

More information reaches me about the long-standing vacancy on the Supreme Court. According to one source, the shortlisted candidates are (in alphabetical order):

  • Lord Justice Dyson
  • Lord Justice Maurice Kay, and
  • Lord Justice Wilson.

Another source belives that

  • Lord Justice Lloyd

is still in with a chance. I hope so, because I tipped him here more than a year ago — and was proved wrong.

But the best story I have heard explains the delay in making the appointment. Interviews with the candidates were due to take place before Christmas. One of the panel members is from the Northern Ireland Judicial Appointments Commission. His flight from Belfast was delayed by bad weather and the interviews had to be rescheduled for the beginning of this month.

So far, so tedious. But I am now told that the man from Northern Ireland had offered to fly to London the night before to avoid the risk of being delayed by early-morning fog. But the Ministry of Justice refused to pay for his hotel room and so he didn’t come.

Surely this cannot be true? 

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