Supreme Confusion

The Supreme Court has now issued three versions of its first judgment. As I write, all are available on its website – although the link on this page takes you only to version 3.

The first version of the judgment has paragraphs missing at the top of pages 7 and 8. This was apparently a scanning error.

It was quickly replaced with version 2.

As I pointed out here yesterday, this discloses information that appears to break the court’s own order.

Representations have clearly been made and the court has quietly issued version 3 of its judgment. Paragraphs 4 and 13 have been edited to remove the references to which I drew attention.

Once court officials realise that the previous versions can still be read on the court’s website, they may decide to take them down. Fortunately, the excellent UKSC Blog operated by Matrix and Olswang has made its own copy of version 2 and posted it here.

I hope it will remain in place. Even the Supreme Court should realise when it’s too late to put the genie back in the bottle.

  • Second Update: Friday’s Jewish Chronicle reports (at the top of page 2) that “the boy at the centre of the JFS entry case has been admitted to the north London school”. It says, quite rightly, that the information was released in the court’s first judgment on Wednesday.

The paper, a weekly, went to press on Wednesday night — before the court tried to withdraw this information. The story does not appear today on the JC‘s website, no doubt as a futile gesture of respect to the court’s muddled wishes on the day of its Royal opening.  

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