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‘Wind and solar power make it impossible for France to close down its remaining fossil fuel power stations’

Søren Kierkegaard’s reflections on worry are useful reading for those in lockdown

The unpopular president’s reforms exposed a deep discontent. The response to the pandemic has made his problems worse

Literary Paris and the French Left have had a blind spot for paedophilia—for decades

‘We might suppose that Wuhan’s animal markets are part of a uniquely Chinese tradition, leading up to the current plague. But the facts do not allow for such clarity’

‘Parties of the Left may move back towards the political centre, but they will need a much better story to tell on the economy’

A new, distinctly conservative generation of French priests is reviving Catholic life in France

Hollywood lacks the wit and the will to convey the complexities of the secret world

‘The Russian’s gift to the monarch was an arctic bird that, like Putin, had no natural place in the desert: a white Gyrfalcon, a powerful raptor that can be trained by its master to kill on command’

Birds’ names tell tall stories