Rooting but not Shooting

Among those not blessed with an ounce of [political] common sense, last year saw heady enthusiasm for the long-term political prospects of Alaskan Governor and Republican vice-residential candidate, Sarah Palin. Part of her bizarre appeal — for her world view was scarcely coherent — was the impression of a huntin’ fishin’ shootin’ kind of ‘gal’ who could ‘field dress a moose’. US TV gun lobby adverts usually include someone like that: a camouflaged Charlene who can use a crossbow as well as Charlie and Chuck.

In an interview in the latest Vanity Fair, Levi Johnson, who briefly swam into the dysfunctional family orbit of Sarah, Bristol, Track and Trip, reveals that Mrs Palin didn’t know one end of a gun from another, while her claims to be a ‘hockey mom’ didn’t match the reality of a family where the food consisted of takeouts and ‘people didn’t talk much’.

Apparently she abruptly resigned the governorship in order to make ‘triple the money’ by writing a book about her (failed) campaign. It seems to me that Mrs Palin has about as much political sense as our very own orange tinted dirigible Katie Price (Jordan to her fans), and a lot less commercial savvy. The Republicans belatedly agree, with one senior figure describing her as ‘inept, ignorant and egocentric’. The idea of her ever being within a hundred miles of the White House is preposterous. 

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