PunditAid Please Give Generously

In these hard times, common decency tells us to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. As David Cameron says, in the Big Society we must all take on the responsibilities for others the state can no longer afford. You may be wondering who to give your hard-earned money to. I urge you – nay, beg you – to consider the sufferings of pundits struggling to provide the public with 1000-word opinion pieces.

As Mary Ann Sieghart of the Indpendent explains in a piece recommending that benefits for pensioners be cut, we should not just care about the elderly but also about her. For beneath the cocksure facade of the commentariat lies a life of cold and misery, haunted by fears of how to pay for the next electricty bill. She says of her plans to cut the winter fuel allowance for pensioners,

 It’s very nice to have help with your heating costs, particularly if you stay at home all day rather than going out to work. As someone who works from home, I would be delighted to have winter fuel allowance to save me having to write in bed with the electric blanket on. But a payment that is welcome is different from one that is essential.

Please give all you’ve got to allow columnists to get out of their beds, and then take out a loan and give some more

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