Police Shut Down Al-Muhajiroun Event


A video has emerged on Youtube showing the police ordering Anjem Choudhary and is followers to leave a London council community centre.

Choudhary is the head of al-Muhajiroun, a group which according to new research by the Centre for Social Cohesion is linked with one in seven terror related convictions in the UK. 

The video depicts Choudhary giving a talk to his followers when the police enter the room and tell them that they ‘are not welcome here’.  The policemen made it clear that due to Choudhary’s promotion of extremism, the council was unhappy with allowing him and his followers on their premises.

There is no doubt that Choudhary is an extremist, and his followers are a band of semi-literate thugs who have found in Islamic extremism a convenient way to channel their own violence and bigotry.  This assessment may seem harsh, but is based on my own first-hand experiences with the group and its members.

Choudhary calls for the immediate creation of an Islamic state in Britain, and his group has glorified the actions of both the 9/11 and 7/7 murderers.  I have attended a number of his talks and my main concern after speaking to some of his followers was how succesfully he had turned them into Islamic supremacists who have nothing but hatred and disgust for all non-Muslims and despise the democratic institutions of this country. 

The council in question (it is not yet clear where the video was taken, although one of the event attendees says he is from Derby) had every reason to be concerned about al-Muhajiroun and even a cursory look at the group’s website quickly reveals the danger they pose.  One article on the site is entitled ‘Do not insult the Prophets and Messengers of Allah’ and ends with the following instructions to Muslims when faced with such blashphemy:

The gravity and magnitude of this severe crime can never be accepted in any shape or form, in any era or reality. On the authority of Hassan ibn Ali (ra) The Prophet of Malhama (Slaughter), The Prophet of Maahi (Destruction) said Whoever insults a Prophet kill him. [Recorded in Al-Haakim in his Al-Mustadrak]

This is one of many examples of al-Muhajiroun taking Islamic religious scripture and hijacking it in order justify persecution and violence against those who they deem to be the enemies of Islam.  It is Choudhary’s supposed religious knowledge and piety which gives him a false legitimacy in the eyes of his moronic disciples and it is good to see that local councils and police have taken notice of the threat he poses.


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