Philip Langridge, 1939-2010

Much saddened by the news that Philip Langridge, one of the finest British tenors of his day, has died aged 70.

I will never forget his Peter Grimes: the quality of great-heartedness and superb acting that went with his unusually beautiful and precise voice elevated the character to the standing of a true tragic hero. He also made a great impression in the leading role of Birtwistle’s The Second Mrs Kong, in which his character was named ‘The Idea of Kong’ (not just King Kong, that is, but the concept of him… in case you missed it…it hasn’t been revived for a while, though could do with it). He was loved and admired by everyone who came into contact with him. Here is his obituary from yesterday’s Independent.

Please listen to him singing ‘Comfort Ye’ from Handel’s Messiah and take a moment to remember him.

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