Party Lines

Daisy Waugh eavesdrops on the chattering classes

I am so angry! It makes me so angry I’m finding it hard to think straight.

Me neither.

It’s about our civil liberties, though, isn’t it? Our civil liberties are under threat.

I’m tempted to ask, “what civil liberties?” Miranda. We’re not allowed to do anything any more. Except pay taxes, of course.

Of course.

We’re living in a police state. Virtually. It’s enough to make you a sort of anarchist!

All this training they get about tolerating – people, or whatever. Immigrants and religion. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t. Tolerate things. Obviously. God knows how much it costs the taxpayer. Next thing you know, they’re whacking some poor, innocent white guy over the head and he’s having a heart attack!

…Nightmare scenario…

Apparently, the number of people who die in police cells is completely hushed up. And I’m not saying they’re savoury characters – or they wouldn’t be in a police cell at all –

No smoke without fire.

Meanwhile, where are they when you need them?


The police! Too busy filling in forms. And learning to be tolerant and all that nonsense.

And doing health and safety.

‘Elf’n’Safety! That’s right! Ha, ha, ha! It’s all about Elf’n’Safety, isn’t it? You get a dog on an ice rink, or something. Poor little mite. Or there’s a suicide bomber on the Tube. And nobody’s allowed to do anything about it!

Except kill that poor Mexican guy. Who they shot…Was he a Mexican? Apparently he was illegal. Somebody said.

Well that was a tragedy. But it wouldn’t surprise me. I mean there’s no vetting…Anyway, now look at the trouble they’re in!


The police, you dumbat! It makes my blood boil because all anyone does is moan. But what if they hadn’t killed the Mexican guy? What if they hadn’t killed him, and he had been a terrorist? What about then? Nobody seems to think of that.

It’s sort of annoying he wasn’t a terrorist.

But he might have been! And it’s all very well, protecting the civil liberties of some random Mexican chappie.

Was he a Mexican?

Right. He was in our country, wasn’t he? My point is, what about our kids’ civil liberties?


You know what really bugs me? Our house gets robbed. Where are the police? Nowhere!

You’ve been robbed!?

What? No. I’m just saying – we’ve got youths loitering on our street. And I’m not saying it makes any difference that they’re black. But they are…Every day, someone in the street calls the police to complain. Because it’s threatening. To have youths loitering – threateningly. And what do the police say?


Until these boys commit a crime, there’s absolutely nothing – N.A.D.A – they can do.

Oh, typical.

It makes me so angry…

It’s political correctness gone mad!

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