Party Lines

Daisy Waugh eavesdrops on the chattering classes

It’s a global online signature campaign; Mothers Against CO2 Emissions. A girlfriend’s been organising it, and she has 16 million signatures already. I think. Or no, that can’t be right. 160,000 maybe.

Anyway loads. I told her I thought it was such a fabulous idea I just had to get involved!

That’s such a positive thing to do…

We’ve already got some super names.

Which is fantastic. Kate Blanchett. Gwynnie P. And we’re pretty sure Sam Cameron’s in. So…. It’s very, very exciting… What’s so amazing is that everyone I talk to thinks it’s such a fantastic way of getting people to focus on the issues! Which is just so, so lovely.

You must be delighted!

Well, fingers crossed… How’s it going with LITTER BUGz?

Amazingly well! Had dinner with Ed Balls. Who, FYI, is a sweetie by the way. Contrary to what you might have read. I told him all about my little charity and he was fascinated.

I bet he was.

… He thinks we should launch a LITTER BUGz KIDZ sticker book.


The idea being that for every plastic bag the kids bring in to school for recycling, they get a sticker! And a free wipe-clean book, packed full of handy ways to help them to save their planet. Which is great, really… Because it’s all about incentivising, isn’t it? And raising awareness. We’ve got to get the message to the kids…

Talking of which… I think I was the proudest mum in the world yesterday. I was on the phone to lovely, lovely Liz Murdoch.

Oh, big fan of Liz. Been meaning to call her. How is she?

Amazing, amazing woman. Got a lot of time for her. I was on the phone to Liz, and what should I overhear but little Poppy trying to tell our nanny about a lower temperature wash! To save the polar bears! How adorable is that?

Too adorable!

So. Strike while the iron’s hot, I thought. Soon as I got off the phone, I said to Poppy, “Poppy, it’s not just the polar bears you should be worrying about, kiddo. Our entire planet is at serious, serious risk.”

Bravo! I tell my kids repeatedly, if we don’t look after our planet today, tomorrow there’ll be no planet left! We’ll be drowning under six foot of melted ice-cap!

It’s tough for them sometimes… Milo has recurring nightmares about baking to death. Because of the cars in China… And there’s not a great deal he can do about that…

But you can’t protect them for ever, can you? Kids have to know….

Oh God, did I tell you? Hilarious! Willow and Savannah were doing litter duty yesterday, and they came back carrying a used condom!


Savannah held it up, she said, “Mummy, what’s this?”

What did you tell her?

Well, I was absolutely stumped… She’s only eight! I mean, Crikey. What would you have said?’

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