Party Lines

Daisy Waugh eavesdrops on the chattering classes

…. I have a dream ….

Oh, don’t start. You’ll have me in floods of tears.

… How does it go again? I looked it up the day he won. … “I have a dream…”

… Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. I said to Alec that morning – we were lying in bed. I said, “Alec, I can’t believe we have actually lived to see this day”.

Historic. It was living history.

“The hand of history…”

“… the hand of history…” That’s right! … Did he say that?

Who? Mandela?


I mean – ha! Sorry. Gosh… Now you’ve got me confused. Didn’t Tony Blair? I thought Tony Blair. …


Well anyway, I said it to Alec that morning. I said, Alec – That Dream – it came true!

It did! … And – I don’t want to sound silly. But I feel – I just feel so proud of the American people. For making the right choice.

You don’t sound remotely silly! Don’t be ridiculous. If you want to know, Alec and I had a little cry together that morning. We did!

When I saw all the people out there celebrating on the streets… black, white …

Oh, it was amazing!

All united together in happiness – it was impossible not to feel optimistic – and not just for – African Americans. For all of us.

Because really, people keep talking about the race card, but this wasn’t about black or white.

Had nothing to do with it! Of course not. It was about everybody uniting together. Behind the right man.

And yet – this is a guy who, you know, if he’d been an actual African American, probably would have a great-grandfather or something.

This was about healing that wound. Wasn’t it? It was about bringing the American People together. Putting history behind them and moving on. Didn’t matter what colour he was.

Or what creed.

Right. Or anything, really.

Nothing. Nothing mattered! You know – foreign policy and all that – what he stood for, high tax, low tax – didn’t matter!

Of course not!

It was about the guy. Character and grit. Nothing else.


And about Hope.

And Change!

And Forgiveness.

And Love!

… And in any case, they go on about his lack of experience but that revolting bitch Mrs


I can hardly say her name without gagging. What experience has she got?

Meanwhile, here is a man – a Black Man – raised on Poor Stamps, with a single mother… a lifetime of real experiences …

Makes you realise anything is possible.

Well, he summed it up, didn’t he? In all the T-shirts. Things can only get better!

That’s right! … Did he say that?

By the way – have you seen him on YouTube? When he’s dancing?

Have I seen it!? … I’ve downloaded it! … Shall we look at it again?

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