One Law For The….

Once again the Daily Mail has highlighted a matter of major concern to the population of this country. Baroness Scotland, the law officer responsible for prosecuting those who employ illegal immigrants, appears to have been employing one herself.Will the UK Border Agency be prosecuting the Attorney General; or is there one law for the political class, and another for everyone else? Meanwhile the French government is going to bulldoze the squatters camp which Afghans and Iraqis have set up opposite Calais, largely, the French Interior Minister says, because of the blandishments of welfare in Britain. While near obsessive attention is being paid to the jihadist maniacs we have allowed into Britain, the much larger question of immigration policy remains too hot for the major political parties to handle, or incredibly, is turned over to economists and businessmen, who are merely concerned with cheap labour rather than cultural identity, or the obvious strain untrammelled immigration is putting on education, health and social services in this country.

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