One Funny Guy

The comedian Ricky Gervais (he of The Office) has said in an interview that feckless parents should be sterilised.

Well, whatever you views on this, it certainly makes a change to hear one of the more prominent voices from our seemingly ever-increasing army of comics saying something which is not boringly, predictably at one with the left/liberal line. Or so it seems.

Gervais leaves us in no doubt as to who he’s talking about: ‘… stupid, fat faces. If there’s a woman in leggings, eating chips with a fag
in her mouth, sterilise her.’

He was asked if he was talking about ‘chavs’ (that appalling word). He insisted his views were not based purely on class. ‘I described an irresponsible parent,’ he added. ’Chavs could be included in irresponsible though.’

Hmmm. Hatred of ‘chavs’ – the last great permissable prejudice. White, poor, perhaps not especially liberal in their views. So that’s alright then. I imagine it won’t lose Ricky any gigs. 


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