No Zone Unchurned

My interview with the twin brothers David and Christopher Alden, both controversial opera directors, is in today’s Independent. David’s Radamisto is currently on at ENO. Fascinating to talk to them as they don’t mince their words and they both had a thing or two to say about current operatic fads.

What of the trend for drafting in famous directors from film and theatre? “We’re not saying it’s a bad thing,” Christopher says. “It can be stimulating, it can attract attention and bring newcomers to see opera, but…” David lets rip: “Opera direction is a difficult, complex, multi-tasking thing. It takes years of practice, trying things out and failing miserably. How do you think the team feel, confronted with someone who runs the whole thing yet has never done it before, however ‘visionary’ they may be?” 

Read the whole thing here.

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