Nice Weekend?

Very, thanks. Been here, in glorious Lucerne, listening to the Cleveland Orchestra and a rather nice youth brass band. The latter must have been conducted by someone who was feeling nostalgic for circa 1979 since its repertoire included the Cornish Floral Dance and Bette Midler’s The Rose. The former – well, look out for my review in the Independent. And please, someone, send Franz Welser-Most to a smile coach. But is there a more glorious hall in a more astonishing location, anywhere in the world? Yay for the KKL and the Lucerne Festival.

Moral of the weekend, though – check the festival programme before deciding on the time of flight home. While I was listening to the band, I could actually have been inside the KKL listening to Pollini – but I’d have had to slink out to catch my train, which would not have gone down very well with that audience.

Pollini is doing no fewer than 5 (FIVE) recitals at the RFH next season, however, so ample chances to catch the maestro in action then.


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