Muhajiroun and the Simpsons


Are the screaming, beard-tugging, trouser-above-the-ankle wearing, finger-jabbing, dole-scrounging fanatics of al-Muhajiroun secret fans of the Simpsons?

The registration details for their latest website, SalafiMedia, says the registrant is Mr Abdullah living at:

356 evergreen terrace

springfield, USA 43arf


As any good Simpsons fan will know, Evergreen Terrace is where all the main characters live. Though, of course, not at 356. The Simpsons live at number 742. Still, if the guys in al-Muhajiroun were any good at things like attention to detail then they probably wouldn’t be Islamists.

Anyway, aren’t these things supposed to be haram for Omar Bakri’s holier-than-thou bag carriers? What is the Salafi position on drawing human characters? It can’t be good.

Lets just be glad they’re not South Park fans.

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