MPAC doing what it does best


MPAC returns to what it does best with a series of anti-Semitic postings yesterday, reporting:

It has been recently uncovered that two members of the Iraq inquiry – Sir Martin Gilbert and Sir Lawrence Freedman – are Jewish Zionists who supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Will these Jewish Zionists twist the Iraq Inquiry’s findings to show things the way they want them to be seen?

The entire tone of the post is designed to be unnerving and sinister – ‘it has been recently uncovered’ – as though it were a matter of intrigue, or conspiracy, or relevance, that Sir Martin and Sir Lawrence are Jewish.

What MPAC are telling us is that the appointment of two Jews to the Iraq Inquiry means it will not be impartial because some of its members are Jewish. The logical conclusion: Jews cannot be trusted, because they are Jews.

Of course, when there was a campaign by some columnists to stop Aaqil Ahmed being appointed Head of Religious Programming at the BBC, MPAC reported:

Aaqil Ahmed has been appointed the Head of Religious Programming at the BBC, in spite of a hate campaign by the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, stirring up fear of Aaqil Ahmed being Muslim.


It’s about time you stood up for yourselves, humanity and this country. Don’t allow this type of hate to go unchecked. Today it’s Aaqil Ahmed, tomorrow it will be you, and the day after, your sons and daughters.

There’s really nothing quite like Islamist double-standards or hypocrisy.

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