Merry Christmas from the Muslim Brotherhood

The ‘respected scholar’ of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, reminds us all of the true tolerance and grace of Islamism with this message about celebrating Christmas in ‘Muslim countries’.

Courtesy of MEMRI:

Two interesting quotes from this:

The Nation is Abandoning Its Muslim Identity – Islam Wants Us to Maintain Our Islamic Uniqueness.

The importance of the all encompassing ’Muslim identity’ of the individual is absolutely central to Islamism, and therefore even the slightest show of respect to any other belief system in a country that is considered Islamic is unacceptable.

Are the Muslims in Europe and America – and there are millions of them in some countries – able to celebrate Ramadan and the Muslim holidays in the city centers, like some people do in our Arab and Muslim countries and cities, in the Arabian Peninsula?

This is standard Islamist misinformation intended to stir up bitterness towards a supposedly intolerant and Islamophobic west.  Of course Muslims are able to celebrate religious holidays in western city centres, often with the official support of the government, take ‘Eid in the Square’ for example, which is backed by Qaradawi’s supporters, the Muslim Council of Britain: this, quite literally, takes place in the centre of London. 

And we dare to point out the intolerant and, frankly, crazy nature of this  ideology..

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