Mendelssohn is still there…

…but my final blogpost about him for BBC Radio 3 has only just gone up. Here it is: Farewell to Felixcitations!

Mendelssohn, of course, has dropped straight through the bottom of the barrel since the end of his anniversary year, while everyone screams about Chopin instead. Just wait until they get started in earnest on Mahler.Meanwhile I attended Maurizio Pollini’s recital on Monday and my review should be appearing in The Independent later this week. I was also in eighth heaven after hearing the Dvorak Piano Quintet (no.2 if you want to be pedantic) played last night by the Emerson Quartet and Menahem Pressler, who sounds exactly as he always did in the Beaux Arts Trio’s world domination days. What a wonderful, life-affirming musician he is! It was partly thanks to their classic recording of the D minor Trio that I came to love Mendelssohn so deeply. And the Emersons of course are prime masters of their art, wonderfully unified after so many years together.

To add thrill to—in some ways similar—thrill, I also went yesterday to interview one of the world’s most remarkable women, who is 106 years old. More about that soon too.

I am heading West tomorrow, so blogging may be erratic until the middle of next week. I’ll do some if I can work out the WiFi on the move. And on Saturday night, if I’m lucky, I may hear some Mendelssohn…

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