Although I could do without the crude aspersions being made about “the British” by the neo-Jacobins of the AEI, it is heartening that some of the politicians in New Jersey who keep the flame with the victims of the Lockerbie mass atrocity are calling for a House investigation into the full circumstances surrounding the release of the mass murderer Megrahi. This should range way beyond the British/Scottish attempts to restrict discussion to the usual legalistic mumbo-jumbo, which always contrives to miss the truth of what has been going on.

One stone they should not leave unturned is a prosopographical analysis of everyone involved in dealings with Libya — including every agency that was involved in talks about WMD, countering Islamist terrorism, and of course, oil and gas exploration. It might be interesting to see if any of those names have subsequently cropped up as advisors, directors or employees of BP or on the Anglo-Libyan trade lobby group that was whistled up soon after the deals were cut.

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