Lord Saville speaks

Lord Saville has delivered a judgment today. You can read it here.

Two days ago I said I believed the chairman of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry had not delivered a single substantive judgment in the Supreme Court. That remains my belief: today’s judgment was delivered in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and there may have been others that Lord Saville delivered in that court since he returned to the bench.

Perhaps more significanly, Lord Hope, deputy president of the Supreme Court, told me at a press briefing this afternoon that Lord Saville was in the process of writing two Supreme Court judgments for delivery in October. One involves arbitation and the other involves company law.

Lord Phillips, the court’s president, added

I have an enormously high regard for Lord Saville. I worked against him a lot at the Bar and he’s a man of outstanding ability. I, personally, greatly regret that we have not had the benefit of his wisdom while he has been doing the Bloody Sunday Inquiry.

Although Lord Saville retires at the end of term, he expects to be invited to sit in the the Supreme Court as a freelance (or “re-tread” as they are called in the business). He is also looking forward to arbitration and other work in the coming months.

But I don’t suppose he’ll be asked to chair any more inquiries.

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