Lord Haw-Haw on the Hanger Lane

My old friend and comrade Martin Bright has been doing an excellent job in confronting the Iranian propaganda station Press TV, which operates out of studios on Hanger Lane. You can watch him dismiss the station’s apologist with complete and deserved contempt on Newsnight here

It says much about the tolerance of Britain that we allow this mouthpiece of a hostile foreign dictatorship to beam out its hatreds from London . Tune in and you will see the white far-left and far-right rally alongside Islamists. The Holocaust dening Nicholas Kollerstrom and Lady Renouf, the friend of David Irving, happily rub shoulders with the leaders of the Stop the War coalition, George Galloway and Yvonne Ridley.

The people who most deserve derision and censure, however, are the supposedly “serious” and “moderate” commentators who, for a fee, give the channel an air of respectability — the Labour MP Derek Wyatt, whom we have known is short of cash ever since the Telegraph revealed that he was claiming mini-pork pies on expenses, Lauren Booth, sister of the better known Cherie, and Andrew Gilligan of the Daily Telegraph. If you find it hard to understand the mentalities of those who saw nothing wrong with appeasing Stalin and Hitler in the Thirties, just watch these ladies and gentlemen in action, and your confusion will vanish.

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