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‘It’s just with regard to, like, discussion about anti-Semitism . . . well, I just keep thinking one thing. Why is it always them?’

Maureen Lipman

Hello . . . oh hi . . . is it me? I mean am I on? Oh. Hi.

Sorry, I’m a first-time caller . . . OK. Right. Erm . . .

We was listening to your debate about all the anti-Semitism and yesterday . . . and my husband, Barry said I should phone up because other people must be thinking what we was—so I thought . . . yes I will.

[Clears throat]

It’s just with regard to, like, every day more discussion about anti-Semitism . . . well, I just keep thinking one thing . . .

Why is it always them

Well—Jewish people.

I mean—day in and day out it’s Jewish people and their anti-Semitism—always them isn’t it . . . we have to listen to like their problems and who’s getting at them . . . My husband says, “Change the record mate.”

I mean nothing against them I’m a broad- minded person, like, live and let live that’s what I say, but you have to admit [laughs], it is non-stop with them isn’t it?

Well, anti-Semitism. With the Labour Party and with Holocaust Day and the lady MP’s getting bullied—like I mean no other religion gets that much airtime do they?

No, it’s not their fault but . . . but really, what gets me is—what have they got to complain about?

They do very nicely as far as I can see . . . and they look after their own don’t they? In my day, right, Labour was for the working class wasn’t it? Whereas they’re all very comfortably off, aren’t they?

No, but they are now . . .

And if they’re so keen about Israel, well I mean wouldn’t they be happier if they went there?

Ah well Trump . . . well he’s on their side, isn’t he . . .

Right, I accept that, so they’re British citizens but if they don’t like our Labour Party as it stands under Mr Corbyn—they should join another party, right? We live in a democracy right? Not like Israel.

Well, it’s not for the Palestinians . . .

Well, they might have voting rights, but . . .

Alright . . . full health care . . .

And education . . .

. . . And Arabs in government?

Barry says you’re wrong but anyway that’s not my field.

I’m really talking about our country—and here.

Well, they’ve got a lot of power in the media and in banking and all that sponsorship —they’re millions of them in society, right? So I don’t understand their problem.

Well. Maybe not millions then but—
sorry, how many?

245,000—what, all told? Jews? In all of England?

Well, you do surprise me.

Still, feels like they’re everywhere doesn’t it?

No. But, the names you mention, the Jewish lady MPs.

I don’t see it as bullying. I certainly do not approve of bullying in any shape or form—I’m a classroom attendant right?

Yeah that’s right, Margaret Hodge and Luciana thingy and . . . the other one in Liverpool that’s been unselected—whatever. And the one called Smeeth.

I mean—come on—they’re grown women.

If they can’t take the heat—get out the kitchen, oughtn’t they? With respect, tweets and Twitter is part of the job isn’t it?

Nigel Farage gets a lot worse from the media and it falls off his back like a duck.

I think they pick on Jeremy Corbyn. I mean, what more could he do?

They’ve thrown out 15 members didn’t they—just for having an opinion, right?

And Ken Livingstone—just over saying Hitler was a Zionist. Which is historical facts that we all know anyway—

Well, from the internet.

Like about 9/11 and all that, how no Jewish people perished in the twin towers eh? Cos 3,000 Jewish workers stayed away from work that day . . . Barry’s saying you can’t fight that one!

They’re all saying.

Well . . . people. The news. Everyone.


Who says so?

300 Jews died?

I don’t think so, Nick.

What, in 9/11?

Anyway, that’s not many is it, 300 out of 3,000?

No, of course I don’t mean it’s not enough—


No, Barry, he says he has all the names in front of him.

He’s starting with Adler.



OK, OK. Berkovitch.


Cohen, A. Cohen, C . . .

Alright yes but—

Cohen, D.

How many what?

Cohen, G.

Am I aware that what?

No . . . I don’t know how many Sikhs died.

No, I don’t know how many Buddhists died.

Or Seventh-day Adventists. No—why would I want to know that?

I don’t get it.

Look, I do agree with you about bigotry and about prejudice, yes. Far too much of it in the world. Live and let live I say . . .

But there’s just as much Islaphobia and they keep themselves much more to themselves don’t they?

How do you mean London Bridge? Rochdale? Oh, Manchester, yes, dreadful.

Then you had Boris calling them letter boxes. But yes, I know, awful!

Though you had to laugh . . .

It’s just—with the Jews—they want to be in the limelight, don’t they?

So, in a way—they do sort of ask for it, don’t they?

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