Just a Stroll in the Park

The Lord Chief Justice and the Master of the Rolls swapped their judicial robes for yellow t-shirts this evening as they joined some 4,000 other judges and lawyers on a 10km sponsored walk to raise money for legal advice agencies in and around London.

The annual event, organised by the London Legal Support Trust, was expected to raise at least £350,000. I had to peel off after about 8kms in order to do a quick broadcast for the BBC news channel, so I was not at the Law Society to hear the final total declared.

Tonight’s event, which took place in perfect weather, was the sixth of its kind. Similar walks now take place in other parts of England as well as four Australian cities.

The route took walkers from Lincoln’s Inn to the edge of Kensington Gardens and back, a circular route through parks, gardens and other vehicle-free areas. It was a very relaxed, egalitarian affair — and one that showed lawyers at their very best.

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