The Compleat Corbyn — a round-up of Standpoint’s Corbyn coverage this month


Robin Harris thinks facing a radical left-wing opponent means that the Tory modernisers’ days are over — Cameron has no need to play Blairite games

Frank Field
argues that Labour has failed to listen to the concerns of its core voters: immigration, welfare, and national security

Maureen Lipman wonders why the man of the moment is so untroubled by anti-Semitism

Tim Congdon warns that Corbynomics is not only daft to neglect Adam Smith’s insights but brings out the worst in people

Michael Mosbacher says entryism plagued Labour in the past and is doing so again — the difference is that now the Trotskyites are welcomed

Sam Green wonders why, in the face of the evidence, does Jeremy Corbyn believe in the innocence of Jawad Botmeh?

and Oliver Wiseman reports from Parliament Square on the tumultuous day Jeremy Corbyn was crowned the new Labour leader