Issue: November 2019

Empty labels

'To eat less soya, eat more of it. The paradox bites only on those who are unaware of how much soya is contained in the meat they eat'

Don’t venerate the nation state

‘The nation state is not the endpoint of history, nor is it even a basic fact of human history’

The Eeyore of French letters

'Houllebecq's novel Serotonin is yet another specimen of the thriving industry of déclinisme — disenchantment with neoliberal woes and political correctness'

A view from the ramparts

The West spends too much money on weapons and too little time on promoting its real strength: ideas

The real Russian church rises

A public letter by Orthodox parish clergy defies the secular and ecclesiastical hierarchy

Against all odds

'When the whole nation is taking a huge punt on whether (or how) to leave the EU, a gambler’s memoirs are timely'

Three cheers for “white saviours”

'You have to prove you have the knowledge/expertise/ experience to be allowed to step outside your own culture. To whom, I wonder, do you have to prove this?'

Islam’s cities: tolerant, cosmopolitan and curious

A spirit of openness and inquiry once characterised the great metropolises of the Muslim world. No longer

Charlie’s angels

The Soong sisters lives were sewn into the dramatic tapestry of China’s modern history, but in this saga there is nobody with whom to sympathise or identify

Breakfast, diabetes research, and the right to make bad jokes

'The Today Programme will survive John Humphrys leaving but will we all survive the death of the right to make poor jokes?'

An autumn note

“For many, the end of this uneasy year cannot come quickly enough”

An ordinary killing

Ian Cobain’s book uses the killing of Millar McAllister to paint a meticulous portrait of the Troubles

Greater—not wiser

John Mullan elucidates the genius of Charles Dickens