Issue: November 2014

Anglo-German Attitudes

"It is perhaps best to see the British and the Germans as an odd couple with a tendency to lurch from throwing dishes to mutual admiration."

Man Without God

When did the West become post-Christian?

Best Do Nothing

What can we learn from the economic consequences of the First World War?

Muscovite Manners

Teaching etiquette in the modern world

Puck at 80

Sir Ronald Harwood serves as a reminder that the traditions of J.B. Priestley and Noël Coward are not quite dead in British theatre

Farm Agents

The surprising story of Britain's first animated feature, Animal Farm

Wealth of Rubbish

Why do so many rich capitalists have a penchant for collecting anti-capitalist art?

Drawing Board: Egon Schiele

Was the artist an exploitative pornographer or one of the greatest artists of the 20th century?

Labour has Lost Me

‘I’m an actress, Ed, and I am often commended for my timing. Frankly, my dear, yours sucks’

Nasty Newmark

‘I cannot think of a politician (and I have quite a list) who has been so consistently rude to and about me as Brooks Newmark’

Underrated: Abroad

The ravenous longing for the infinite possibilities of “otherwhere”

The king of cakes

"Yuletide revels were designed to see you through the dark days — and how dark they seem today"