Issue: April 2020

Dress sense

‘My own red carpet days have long since mutated into brown lino nights, but looking back at the times I borrowed a designer frock for a nomination, I usually spent the evening feeling faintly immoral’

Infectious enthusiasms

Hard times on stage—and off it

A breath of fresh paint

A revival in figurative art and the changing face of portraiture

A boy’s own adventure

Privileged images: the photography of Jacques Henri Lartigue

Well-tempered tones

A celebration of Sufi sounds in Rajasthan offers much to treasure

Robert Conquest: Garland for a Propagandist

The Commissar of Bray: Robert Conquest satirises Communist hackery

Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps

John Buchan was a writer with a rich hinterland—and an affection for “shockers”

Toponymic subjugation

Excessive politeness by Britons is making a mess of place names at home and abroad

Defeat begets defeat for Britain’s cloth-eared Left

The censorious culture of the liberal Left is hostile to freedom of expression. The fate of the trans-rights movement evinces this pointless politics

A hinge in history

The tumult in Kiev 15 years ago seemed a victory for progress and idealism—but the Orange Revolution marked the furthest point of democracy’s advance

An autumn note

“For many, the end of this uneasy year cannot come quickly enough”

An ordinary killing

Ian Cobain’s book uses the killing of Millar McAllister to paint a meticulous portrait of the Troubles

Greater—not wiser

John Mullan elucidates the genius of Charles Dickens