Issue: April 2010

Bishkek: Bloodsoaked Revolution

Our correspondent provides an eyewitness account of the bloody and brutal coup in Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday 7th April

Turkey, Israel and the Armenians

There has been a liberal media blackout of the Turkish Prime Minister's threat to expel 100,000 Armenians from Turkey, despite that same media's exhaustive coverage of the Ramat Shlomo row

Oxford Literary Festival — Day Two

Online only: Commentary from the final day of the Oxford Literary Festival

The Prize Lies of a Nazi Tycoon

Alfred Toepfer posed as a peacemaker in postwar Europe and lavished awards on British artists. Unknown to them, he played a key role in the Third Reich and helped war criminals flee justice

It Could Be Worse

Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England by Anthony Julius

Prodigal Brother

The Rage Against God: Why Faith is the Foundation of Civilisation by Peter Hitchens

The Poetical Mollusc

True Friendship: Geoffrey Hill, Anthony Hecht, and Robert Lowell under the Sign of Eliot and Pound by Christopher Ricks

Men From the Ministry

Choose Your Weapons: The British Foreign Secretary — Two Centuries of Conflict and Personalities by Douglas Hurd

We’ve Been Here Before

The Pregnant Widow by Martin Amis

An autumn note

“For many, the end of this uneasy year cannot come quickly enough”

An ordinary killing

Ian Cobain’s book uses the killing of Millar McAllister to paint a meticulous portrait of the Troubles

Greater—not wiser

John Mullan elucidates the genius of Charles Dickens