Iranian Dissent Continues


Iranian al-Qods day on the 18th of September saw some major anti-regime protests in Iran which have not received the media attention they deserve.

The heroic Raye Man Kojast blog, set up by Iranian dissidents, provides us with a google map of Tehran showing where the protests were concentrated.  It has also picked up two fascinating Youtube videos.

The first contains leaked radio communications between the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence Service and Basij members in the field.  The conversation goes as follows:

Good afternoon, On Keshavarz Blvrd., (close to North Palestine St, until Nader St.) people are gathering. They are chanting “death to dictator” and “death to Russia.”

Can you tell me the number of people?

It’s not possible since they are scattered. They are wearing green.

Be ready. We have been informed that 4000 to 5000 supporters of the green wave are moving.

Close to Enghelab St., many of the supporters of the green wave, initially dispersed, are gathering again and moving towards Enghelab St.

Around 2000 people are gathered on keshavarz Blvd. They are moving and chanting “Mousavi, Mousavi.”

People are in the North section of the Keshavarz Blvd. They are increasing and reaching Palestine St.

Right now people have started chanting “the real basijis were Hemat and Bakeri“, “death to shah”, and “independence, independence.”

There are a lot of people. They are totally controlling the North side of the street and the buildings facing the street are also full of crowds.

In Keshavarz Blvd. the supporters of the green wave are around 5000. They are chanting “death to dictator.”

From the headquarters to all agents: do not announce the number of the people. only indicate few or many.

The second video shows the Basij and other government security forces facing a formidable crowd which they daren’t provoke.  Encouraging stuff:

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