Hunting Good Will, Not

Twitter is afire this morning with anger in support of music blogger Intermezzo, who is having a run-in with the side of the Royal Opera House that isn’t usually made so public. Just read this post on why all her ROH posts have disappeared.

Opera reviewer at ‘Recitative’, Mark Tyson, for one, is hopping mad on her behalf, and justifiably so. The threat from the ROH to exclude Intermezzo from performances in future is not only unpalatably high-handed, it is also seriously counterproductive in the seeking of good will and “new audiences” – Intermezzo’s blog is very popular and a valuable resource for music-lovers here in London. Really, they should be offering her free interval drinks instead.

Now read Lionel Shriver’s column on this site re the effects of the non-enforcement of little daily laws, and bigger ones…

Of course, it’s true you’re not meant to take photos in the auditorium or the concert hall. The vast majority of people don’t. Quite a lot do, waiting politely until it’s time for the curtain calls (as Intermezzo does). Anyone taking a picture during the performance itself ought to be thrown out – it puts off the musicians. I once heard a trumpeter miss a vital high note right at the start of Mahler 5 because someone took a flash photograph at just the wrong moment. But usually even such twits as that are not challenged, any more than someone holding a recording device bearing a red light is….

I don’t tend to take photos at curtain-call time, generally because my equipment is inferior and always focuses itself on the bald head in front of me instead of on Ms Fleming (I took a couple of pics when she bowed in Torre del Lago, but all you can see is orchestral mush and a white blob). But also, for reasons unknown, I am always the person who’s told off. There can be an entire hall of tourists all snap-snap-snapping away despite the announcements…yet it will always be me or my companion who gets the tap on the shoulder from the finger of fate should we dare to join the fray. It’s like the only time in my life I ever turned a car round in a street where I shouldn’t have, there just had to be a policeman looking on from just round the corner (luckily I was younger then and managed to charm him…). Other people do this all the time and never, ever get spotted. I’m sure there’s a suitably onomatapoeic  Yiddish expression for being the one who’s always caught out, but I can’t remember what it is. 

UPDATE, 9pm: The ROH has made a public climbdown…broadcast via Twitter! They tweet as follows, with a link to their statement (anyone who still doubts the power of social media, do take note, please…) “We support social media to interact with our audiences and regret what has happened.

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