‘The Gove Revolution’

Read about education policy in this Standpoint ebook

Our latest ebook deals with education policy, a subject that underpins everything this magazine stands for.

The Department of Education has been one of the Coalition Government’s busiest ministries. Its Secretary of State, Michael Gove, entered government with a conviction that nothing short of a cultural transformation was needed if English schools were to deliver pupils a first-rate education.

The Gove Revolution is a series of Standpoint essays on the changing face of English education by those in the vanguard of that change. The voices of politicans, journalists, teachers, free school founders, school inspectors and governors are all contained in The Gove Revolution. Katharine Birbalsingh, Chris Woodhead, Susan Hill, Toby Young and Michael Gove himself all contribute to this collection making it essential reading for anyone interested in education reform.

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