Go East Young Man

News reaches me of an interesting exhibition next month at the Mall Galleries in London, which has been put together by my New Culture Forum colleague (and dedicated Standpoint reader!) Simon Puzey.

Called Far East @ London 2010, the exhibition will showcase the work of established and emerging South Korean Artists, and comes in response to a huge intensification of interest in Art currently being produced in the rapidly evolving oriental world. To have a look at what will be on offer, go to http://www.fareastlondon.com/ . The exhibition reflects the surge of interest in this field and the current re-evaluation taking place in the art world of the very concepts of East and West.

The exhibition runs from March 23rd to April 3rd, but Simon wants to extend to all Standpoint readers a special invitation to the private viewing, which is on Thursday 25th, at 6pm – 8pm. If you’d like to attend,  RSVP to him on 07821 860 103 or at s.puzey@fareastlondon.com 

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