Ebene Forever!

Fantastic line-up of prizewinners for the Classic FM Gramophone Awards, which were presented yesterday. Record of the Year went to the brilliant Ebene Quartet for their recording of the solitary string quartets by Debussy, Ravel and Faure. It also won a prize from the event’s main competitor, the BBC Music Magazine Awards. And yes, it deserves every ounce of it.

Here’s a promotional video about the disc, which I think I ran once before on my Blogger site, but it’s so lovely I wanted to run it again!

There’s also a hugely deserved Music in the Community Award for Streetwise Opera; The Sixteen are Artist(s) of the Year; Yuja Wang is Young Artist of the Year, and so she should be. Oh, and they gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to Nikolaus Harnoncourt (‘scuse me while I dig up some wild garlic…I will suggest a fine alternative at the rather more virtual JDCMB Ginger Stripe Awards at the end of the year). In short, nice prizes for many, not forgetting the lovely Gerald Finlay and dazzling Steven Osborne. Full list of winners here.

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