Driving to Distraction

Clive Davis, at his recently rehomed blog which is now called Clive Davis’ Confab, has posted a clip of Glenn Gould playing Bach, along with the remark that this particular piece has a pernicious effect on his mentality while driving.

You think speedy Bach is dangerous? Just try Wagner. I remember bowling happily down the M3 once upon a time, only to hear Brunnhilde’s Immolation Scene starting up on the radio. Ten minutes or so later I found I was doing nearly 100…and as I used to be the sort of driver to whom mum wouldn’t even need to say “don’t go in the fast lane, dear,” this was kind of extreme.

We got rid of our car over a year ago. At least you can then put on your choice of iPod treat and not have to worry. You also develop the satisfying sense of a green-tinted halo above your head, and save an absolute fortune on road tax, insurance and repairs. We haven’t missed the old banger for a moment. At least not until yesterday, when we spent a very chilly 40 minutes on Macclesfield station waiting for a train that had been delayed at Stockport by a woman who, discovering she had left her bag of sarnies on the platform, had pulled the emergency cord to stop the train from leaving while she retrieved them…

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