Do Afghans Really Support the Taliban?


UK Islamists and sections of the extreme left continue to insist that groups like the Taliban are freedom fighters who enjoy popular support among local civilians.  Today, a group of Afghan villagers went some way towards disproving this.

CNN reports:

A suicide bomber wearing a vest laden with explosives was killed by locals Thursday in eastern Afghanistan before he was able to detonate, police said.

The incident occurred in the Muqur district of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, according to Kheyal Mohammad Sherzai, a police chief in the province.

The suicide attacker was from Pakistan’s Warizistan area, authorities said.

The people who intervened in the incident pelted the man with stones and slashed him with knives and were able to kill the man and give the suicide vest to police.

Although public lynchings are not the most pleasant of affairs, this is nonetheless an encouraging insight into Afghan attitudes toward mass murdering jihadists. 

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