Court Gets Own Name Wrong

I quite like the new UK Supreme Court website. But you would have thought it could have got its own name right.

The Constitutional Reform Act says there is to be “a Supreme Court of the United Kingdom”. Later references are to “the Supreme Court” — as in “Justices of the Supreme Court” or “President of the Supreme Court”.

Court forms, reproduced by LexisNexis in a special issue of the Civil Court Practice 2009, are all headed “In the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom”.

But the court’s website insists on spelling “the” with a capital t. Thus, for example:

As an appeal court, The Supreme Court cannot consider a case unless a relevant order has been made in a lower court.

Almost all the proceedings of The Supreme Court will be filmed, and sometimes broadcast.
William has been Director of Corporate Services for The Supreme Court since March 2009.

 Not just ugly and hard to read, it’s wrong. 

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