Champion Silenced

Sarah Champion — unlike her critics — is on the side of the victims

Julie Bindel

Sarah Champion MP has been forced to resign from the Shadow Cabinet by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for telling the truth about Muslim grooming gangs, despite the fact that this hardworking MP for Rotherham has done much to protect girls and young women from rape and sexual abuse.

Many of those in favour of Champion being sacked cited the fact that she chose to write a piece in the Sun against such gangs. But many of her critics are cultural relativists. I should know. I have been investigating these gangs since the early 2000s and came across this attitude on a regular basis. Those with the knives out for this feminist truth-teller are scared that Corbyn’s administration will be accused of “Islamophobia” — a term invented by and used by Islamists to shut down debate.

Corbyn and his Stalinist cronies do not need or want working-class voters any more, or at least not those that read the Sun. Corbyn’s distaste for Sun readers is more important to him than rooting out sexual predators and dangerous criminals.

Champion has undertaken various roles relating to combating violence and abuse of girls and women during her time as an MP. She has every right to speak out against the criminal gangs that use girls and women as merchandise, such as those in Rotherham, Rochdale and elsewhere.

It is not just police, social workers and some charities that refuse to look at particular demographics relevant to the way grooming gangs operate in certain towns in the UK. On Radio 4’s Any Questions last month, Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi, the Shadow Minister for Justice, would not answer the question as to whether there is an issue about Muslim grooming gangs.

As feminists from Muslim backgrounds have pointed out for decades, these gangs get away with their crimes because within these communities men get away with all kinds of abuse against girls and women, and it is also sanctioned within the informal sharia legal system.

The women I met during the research for my forthcoming book on the global sex trade told me that there is often a racial motivation to sexual exploitation. I interviewed a number of black and minority ethnic women who had survived the sex trade, and they told me that often men from such communities pimp girls and women because it is an easier and safer way for them to make money than dealing heroin. Muslim-born feminists have been trying to expose the truth about the misogyny within their communities, but have often been silenced by white liberals who would rather appease so-called “community leaders” than support women against abuse. This is nothing short of a disgrace. Sarah Champion, unlike Corbyn, is on the side of the victims.

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