Cuddly or Creepy?

Ed says he loves your children as much as you do: a claim at once vacuous and disturbing

Left-wing politicians are unusually inclined to indulge in moral posturing. Barack Obama’s “soaring” rhetoric is bad enough, but he is modest compared to some of our British Labour Party politicians. In a speech in June, Ed Miliband claimed to seek a day when he would love your family as much as you do, when “your child in distress is my child, your parent ill and in pain is my parent, your friend unemployed or homeless is my friend, your neighbour my neighbour.”

This is crazy talk. Can Mr Miliband really expect me to believe that, if only he were elected, he would love my children as much as I do? Why does he claim a god-like capacity for empathy and virtue? Because he seeks a god-like power over us.

Like other leftist politicians, Mr Miliband thinks politicians should use the coercive powers of the state to ensure that peoples get what they deserve, that “the wealth is spread around” fairly, as Obama famously put it. In the same speech where he declared his creepy latent desire to love my daughters and mother, Mr Miliband explained his policy on executive pay at companies owned by private individuals. The owners will have to “justify and explain” the high salaries of their managers. “If it can be justified by performance, they have nothing to fear.”

Oh Ed, I am weak but you are strong. I am foolish but you are wise. I am bad but you are good. Am I paying my staff more than be justified by performance?

We hope that the Lord of Abraham, being omnipotent, is also omni-benevolent. Ed Miliband and his ilk cannot aspire to omnipotence. But they would take so many of our decisions out of our hands and into their own — a temptation that even the Jehovah of standard theology resists — that their virtue must be vastly superior to ours. Leftist politicians, unlike those of a more laissez-faire disposition, require an extraordinary degree of moral knowledge to do the job they advertise for themselves.

When a politician makes a show of his virtue, when he adopts the exalted language of fairness, compassion and love of his fellow man, it is a safe bet that he seeks permission to push us around. If you are stupid enough to think that Ed Miliband, Barack Obama or any other human being is qualified for the job, you may deserve what you get. 

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