Berenika Stefanska

Remembering Berenika Stefanska, a former Standpoint intern who has died at the age of 33

The Editors

Over the eight years since Standpoint was founded we have been helped by a string of young interns, usually recent graduates working with us for a month or two while they looked for more permanent employment in the media world. Some of them have succeeded in that aim; one of our brightest interns, Berenika Stefanska, certainly did. 

Berenika came to us after graduating from Cambridge in Social and Political Science, quite an achievement for a young Polish woman. She worked with us for several months in 2010 and rapidly established herself as a forceful personality, unafraid to express her opinions about ideas and articles, and contributing several articles to the Counterpoints column. Her great passion was Africa and before long she had gone off to Kenya, a country she adored, from where she contributed a Dispatch for our foreign pages in 2011. She reported for Reuters and Polish television from South Sudan and Somalia as well as Kenya, and went on to work as a communications officer for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), continuing to travel widely and gaining plaudits for her work.

In September the light plane in which she was travelling crashed shortly after take-off from Naivasha. Berenika was killed instantly; the pilot died later. The other four passengers, all British, were thrown clear and survived. Berenika was 33. We mourn the loss of a dear and delightful friend and colleague.

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