Choudary’s Flag Burners


When Anjem Choudary’s Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun organisation was banned in January of this year, many (including this blog) questioned the efficacy of such a move; would they merely change their name and continue to radicalise British Muslims?  Weeks after the ban, we revealed that Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun continued to operate under various names.  Indeed, since the ban their activity has continued unabated, and it appears that the flag burning outside the US embassy in London on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was their doing.

On the 9th of September, Choudary announced to the press that, in response to plans by Terry Jones to burn a Koran, flag burning demonstrations would be carried out by Muslims around the world.  This was something of an exaggeration – what he really meant was that his followers were planning to do this, and they didn’t disappoint, here they are outside the embassy on 9/11:

The first 10 seconds of the video show Asadullah (likely his nom de guerre), the so-called ‘Emir’ of Muslims Against Crusaders (MAC), who organised the event.  MAC seems to be partially made up of former members of the now banned Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun, including Asadullah, who appears in many of their online videos.  This MAC video of the demonstration [4.05 minutes] includes Abu Muaz as an ‘invited Muslim activist’; he is also in many Islam4UK/al-Muhajiroun videos, including this one.

At 1.15 minutes, Choudary makes an appearance, and it is worth noting what he said:

We are here today…to burn this [US] Constitution, which represents non-Islamic law, which is the epitome of the aggression and oppression of people like Barack Obama and David Cameron…[note: there was apparently meant to also be a burning of the US Constitution, but there doesn’t appear to be any video of this]

That, coupled with his followers’ chants of “burn democracy”, should demonstrate that the burning of a Koran (which never even went ahead) is but the latest addition to a giant symphony of unreasonable and, more importantly, unresolvable grievances.  

Whether a Koran was burned or not, Islamists like Choudary (and many others much worse than him) will continue to preach hatred, and support violence in the name of overthrowing ‘un-Islamic’ regimes.  The people who suddenly granted a man with 30 followers in an unknown Floridian church the power to either inflame or placate such people have demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of the problem.

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