On the letters page of the new issue of Standpoint, two leading historians debate the state of history in schools today.

BY OLIVER WISEMAN  Thanks to a bet made during a Standpoint dialogue, Nigel Lawson has started 2013 £100 richer than he ended 2012. 

In a letter to Standpoint, published in the latest issue of the magazine, Nigel Lawson reveals the Cabinet’s unanimous support for Special Branch protection of Salman Rushdie when, in 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, issued a fatwa against the Satanic Verses author and offered a bounty for his death.

The Cold War may be over but the paranoid rhetoric is not. It’s time for the US to recognise the Kremlin is crumbling.

Following the publication last week of Standpoint‘s cover article by Iain Martin, entitled “Will Michael Gove Go All the Way to No 10?”, both Fleet Street and the blogosphere seem to be taking the question seriously.

Standpoint readers may be interested in the 25th annual World Traders’ Tacitus Lecture, delivered by Terry Smith, Chief Executive of Tullett Prebon and regular Newsnight contributor. The talk, titled “Is ‘Occupy’ Right?” offers a nuanced view of the Occupy movement from an ardent free-marketeer:

Standpoint‘s editor, Daniel Johnson, has written today’s Daily Feature on Jewish Ideas Daily. It concerns the rich cultural contribution the city of Vienna, and its Jewish inhabitants in particular, has made to Western civilisation:

Standpoint‘s editor Daniel Johnson has reviewed Standpoint advisory board member Gertrude Himmelfarb’s new history of philo-Semitism for The Weekly Standard. In her magisterial work, Himmelfarb describes how and why Jews have been successful in England: