Western Europe

David Cameron is a decent man whose consensual style has worked well so far. But the fight of his life — on Europe — may yet undo him

By electing a far-left internationalist, Labour has failed to listen to the hopes and fears of its core voters on immigration and welfare

“The refusal to accept any domination of the Continent by one power has been the biggest British contribution to European peace and prosperity”

‘It is tempting to pretend that the mayhem unleashed by the Arab Spring will somehow not affect us. It will. It already does’

Our political system, for all its imperfections, remains precious

We may sneer at the Victorian aesthetes, but is the sloppier, more cynical art of today any healthier?

That elusive sense of a homeland, Heimat, Mounk found only when he was free not to feel Jewish

‘It is true that certain faiths, ideologies and cultures make submission the supreme virtue, while the civilisation that emerged from Athens, Rome and Jerusalem has cherished liberty in all its forms’

‘England is perceived by my Continental friends as being a country that is all about belonging or not belonging’