Welfare State

“We should never trust the government — any government — to look after us in old age”

To provide for Britain’s ageing population, Iain Duncan Smith should embrace the contributory principle in his welfare reforms

Imagine being allowed to own your own pension. Why, you might do something silly with it.

“The most radical health reforms will be made necessary in the next Parliament by events, dear reader, events.”

In the Church of England’s new book the Archbishops of Canterbury and York are too focused on inequality rather than poverty, greed and folly

British churchmen look to America’s example on welfare

‘Pensions do not grow on trees and never did. That was an illusion’

The Deprived Pupil Premium — the eligibility criterion for two years’ free university tuition — favours the work-shy and discriminates against working single parents

‘If you’ve always paid your way in your working life, you’ll pay your way as you die’

Iain Duncan Smith has made a good start on reform but he needs to restore the insurance principle