The West

Muslims are on the march in a global, mainstream revival. The West must not abandon its Judaeo-Christian principles, especially equality before the law, if it is to protect minorities from persecution

‘It is time to recall what we have lost and to make sure that our children are not deprived of the civilisation that our ancestors fought to preserve’

‘France and Britain might have achieved the stated goals of protecting civilians and toppling Gaddafi had they intervened a month earlier. Now they have no guarantee of success.’

‘Islamist organisations are paid by government to come up with ideas on how to improve British mosques. It can’t be worse, can it?’

Dambisa Moyo, author of How the West was Lost, and Niall Ferguson, author of Civilization: The West and the Rest, discuss the Eastern challenge to Western prosperity with the Editor of Standpoint, Daniel Johnson

Scholasticism was philosophy’s attempt to apply reason to Church doctrine. But while the medievals were constrained by a notion of overriding divine authority, we should not underestimate the theistic dimension of Western thought today

‘Happiness consists in doing as we would be done by. Judaeo-Christian morality is integral to Enlightenment ethics’

The Turkish-born German sociologist and critic of Islamism Necla Kelek and the classical liberal economist Karen Horn discuss the failure of integration with the Editor of Standpoint, Daniel Johnson, in Berlin

The Ground Zero mosque debate shows America, like Britain, pursuing the chimera of attempting to reform Islam

The Hungarian-American billionaire philanthropist devotes his vast wealth to a campaign against the West and its values