The West

The respected philosopher is a false friend of the West

“In the war against the West, there have been many periods when the odds were against the survival of our civilisation.”

Julie Bindel deserves praise for her readiness to investigate the murkier corners of this country – where civilisation often seems like a bad joke

The betrayal of Ukraine is only the latest chapter in the slow retreat of Western civilisation since the triumph of 1989. Unless something changes soon, that retreat now threatens to become a stampede.

‘Do we still have an intellectual elite that reads, and writers to cater for it? In Germany, we have Merkur’

The pessimists are lining up to announce the fall of the West and above all of the US. But the Americans will prove them wrong


Western civilisation has hitherto depended for its survival on two great families of nations: the Europeans and the North Americans. Today, however, with both the European Union and the United States inhibited by timidity, a power vacuum has emerged across oceans and continents where once the Pax Britannica, and later the Pax Americana, preserved the rule of law. 

Ten years after 9/11, our societies need to restore their self-belief. Only a covenant between citizens can recreate the bonds we need

‘Only the West can botch anything up. And when the rest of the world botches things up, it’s the West’s fault for making them do it’