The Church of England

The Church need not adopt the latest secular values in order to bring the Gospel to bear on contemporary culture

The Church of England is part of this country’s identity and the key to its past, according to Roger Scruton in his superb new book, Our Church

An exhibition at Lambeth Palace reveals how the modern cult of progress prevents its acolytes from appreciating the value of religion

‘The intelligentsia ignored the irruption of religious fanaticism into domestic British politics. In the face of these foes of civilisation, silence is the worst form of cowardice’

The Church of England’s decision not to censure Rev. Stephen Sizer highlights its, and wider society’s, reluctance to condemn anti-Semitic bigotry

The 17th-century Dean celebrated prosperity as well as poetry and felt no need to transform the Church into an agency of social work

Dishonest and distasteful journalists have co-opted the late, great evangelical Reverend for their own, secular causes

‘Rowan Williams likes to see himself as the Church of England’s first celebrity archbishop — almost as famous as the Vicar of Dibley’

For a thousand years, until the Reformation swept away the cult of saints, relics were as English as roast beef, inspiring an entire artistic tradition